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About the Camp

Upstander Kids Anti-Bullying Camp is an immersive program for 6 to 12 year olds with empowering daily exercises in Boundary Setting, Mindfulness, Improv, Martial Arts, Meditation, Sports & Games, Dance, Science, and Arts & Crafts. There’s even martial arts training led by a teacher from a Most Loved Business for Kids finalist and former Power Rangers stunt performer!

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As Low As

$450/1 week


Parents can send their lunches via their favorite Food Delivery Service

*For 2 or more weeks

*Register Before April 30th and get $25 off per week

In a world where a lack of boundaries
invites a lack
of respect,
learning to set boundaries is evolutionary.



"My daughter was not so sure about a Martial Art camp but once she met Alonzo I knew she would feel comfortable. The second day, she was so excited for camp. Mr. Alonzo makes martial art a breeze and super fun for the kids. Not only he is a master in his sport but he knows how to talk and understands each child and how to ensure they have fun while using discipline. We feel very lucky and grateful to have met him and we will definitely do other classes or camp again."

Karin Fumagalli

"Don't know how he does it. Give Master Alonzo 3 children or 25, they all seem to love him and love the combination of discipline, respect and learning that he gives to them. And they learn to give back the respect to him and to each other. My 8 year old granddaughter loved it, was never bored (which for her was a bit of a miracle), and she wants to do it again. Rush hour traffic to get her to and from Master Alonzo's camp was worth every minute. I think she will always look back on her classes with him as being part of the joy and achievement of her childhood."

Louise N Murphy

"Master Alonzo has a gift for teaching kids and young adults, due to his teaching methods and his patience. I have been to several martial arts studios over the years but most of them don’t really tailor their programs around children’s needs. Master Alonzo on the other hand tailors his classes around the children and age group of the class and gives every child the same amount of attention, making sure everyone feels included. He is also very humble and open to feedback."

Shima Carroll

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Upstander Kids

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Monday-Friday: 8:30am - 3pm

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