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Upstander Kids Anti-Bullying Summer Camp is an extension of Alonzo Martial Arts’ community outreach program, through which on campus Afterschool Enrichment classes have introduced thousands of kids to the world of martial arts at local schools & preschools since 1991.

Meet Our Camp Director

For over 25 years, Richard Alonzo has dedicated his life to empowering kids & adults through martial arts. He’s inspired thousands of kids via after school enrichment classes since his college days at UC Berkeley, and at various local martial arts schools on the westside. He caught the teaching bug while in college, working with at-risk youths at inner city schools in East Oakland and Richmond, CA before returning to Los Angeles, starting with teaching kids in Watts.”

“Being a life-long student/teacher of martial arts doesn’t make one an expert in bullying, however. Child Development Courses, subsequent research, and correspondence with experts in the field have expanded his understanding of this complicated and continually evolving issue. It begins with defining what bullying is, and making sure kids and adults understand the distinction between Rudeness, Being Mean, and Bullying .

"The Mission of Upstander Kids Anti-Bullying Camp is to empower kids with Communication Skills, basic Martial Arts Skills, good Social Skills to become bully-resistant so that they can focus their attention on making the world a better place; to give them an appreciation for diversity, and to increase their capacity for kindness & compassion."

The Upstander Kids Approach

Contrary to popular thinking, knowing how to kick, punch, or defend oneself otherwise aren’t enough to solve bullying for your child. What makes the UpstanderKids approach so different is research. Lessons on empathy, mindfulness and boundary setting have been shaped by the works of experts in the field with letters after their names like Ed.D., Ph.D., LMFT, and LCSW. In between such serious activities, we add elements of fun & learning, making sure that kids get more than their share of 60 minutes of daily physical activity!

Summer in SoCal? Paradise!
Kids too tired to be active at night? Bonus!
Mindfully Empowered Bully Resistant Kids heading into a new school year? Priceless.

How Will You Empower Your Child?

How do I know if my child is ready for Camp?

Camp is intended to empower kids from 6 to 12 years old. But every child is different. Schedule an introductory lesson at (310) 895-5100 to see if the experience will be a good fit. For Pre-K and younger Kindergartners, Alonzo Martial Arts has Wee Kick Classes available Tuesday-Friday at 3:30pm and Saturdays at 11:00am.

Is there a deadline to sign up for the camp?

The deadline for restigration is by 7pm the Friday night before each week.

Is there a deadline to sign up for the lunch?

The deadline to order lunch is by 6pm the Thursday night before camp.

How do I sign up for the lunch?

Affordable Lunch Options

The initial password for all parents before they have created an account is: UK3

Ordering Instructions & Account Set-Up

  1. Click: “Create an Account”
  2. Click: “Click Here” on “First time users click here to create an account.
  3. Enter the Password UK3 and check the box “I’m not a robot.”
  4. Enter in your personal information including your own personal password.
  5. Enter the info for you child and click “done”
  6. Log In with your new user and password.
  7. Choose a calendar date and select the lunch for that day. You can order for 1 or multiple dates.
  8. Check out.
What forms of martial arts are taught?

Campers will learn Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo.

What if my child doesn’t know martial arts or any of the other activities?

Martial Arts experience is helpful, but absolutely NOT necessary. As for our other activities, Camp is designed to introduce kids to a variety of different activities to spark an interest in or become passionate about! Kids who have extra-curricular activities that they’re passionate about need not derive their self-esteem exclusively from their peers at school, making them more resistant to bullying. We’re ALL White Belts at one thing or another, and it’s the job of our teachers & coaches (with the encouragement of more experienced campers in any particular activity) to make the learning process as welcoming as possible. This is a natural empathy-building process: each one, teach one!

What should my child bring to Camp?

Campers should have backpacks with a water bottle, sunscreen, a snack and flip-flops or sandals. Also, make sure to label their belongings with their first and last name on everything.

How long does the camp last?

June 17th- August 17th
Monday – Friday

What if I have to reach my child in an emergency?

If you need to reach your child for an emergency please contact our office (310) 895-5100 to reach the on-site camp director.

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